Treat me right!

How can I stay happy or laugh if inside me something's bothering me.. You're irritated when I always ask you to be more open in your family about us. So I decided to know where I should stand. and yes, I don't force you to meet me in public with many people surrounding us. Yes, we have a date that's schedule next week. But how am i suppose to enjoy that day when there's something reminding me that you can't be seen in public with me.. Almost all people don't know the worth of what they have. I just still don't get the reasons but all i can do is try to understand. I can't do anything. sometimes if you're asking me what i want, at the end it's what you want that always win. so what's my worth huh? I don't want to think about this all night again. I need to focus on my exam tomorrow. hoping that the lesson i'm reviewing right now will sink in. People don't know the worth of what they have.

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