We all have someone we really love. Everytime we read "To the man I love" there is always this one person that automatically pop out on your mind. Yes, I have this guy I love too. No matter how painful each obstacles they give, at the end the love will always win. Some of us made a promise that after the heartbreak we've been through, we'll never fall in love again. Why? Because we are afraid to get hurt again. To the man i love, who gave me strength, who helps me in the time of needs, loves me faothfully before when we're in highschool. I'll miss you. No matter how the hatred within me in you. I treat you my bestfriend, my brother, and my boyfriend. It's as if there's something's missing in me because i let you to be my bestfriend. You are my favorite and wonderful bestfriend i ever had. You may not be proud of me but i'm proud i met a bestfriend like you. No one can replace you my bestfriend. Thank you for everything we've been through. God knows how much you meant to me. Maybe you need to find true happiness. :'(( you know who you are. Thank you so much for the memories. :'/

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