When we're stills kids until we grew up

The pain I feel everytime i remember those days. 4 years ago when you showed everyone that you were happy we're together. If i can bring back time, i will let it be that way forever. At least all we have is the world of each other. The way you really wanted me. Those times we met with other people. Those times that even if we fought, you still hold my hand and let otherd know we're okay, after a while we're happy na. Those times always make me cry. I can't turn back the time that we don't want to be far from each other. Those times that you dodn't get tired being with me. Those times you always want to be with me. I know people change. So do I. As everybody says, if we're really meant for each other, at the end we'll still be together. If not, God knows the answer.

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